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    Alex and Nick with a journalist in Udine, Italy 31.07.14 by gio_candussio on Twitter

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    "Something like that"

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    Anddd here’s a little bit of Nilex for you.

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    Franz Ferdinand “Right Action” on SiriusXM Alt Nation

    Wait they did this live and I missed it? I love Alt Nation. Fack.

    Shorts and sandals! How dare they! They look like the most talented group of tourists ever. Love it.

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    Alex Kapranos in Kensington Market, Toronto by Michael D’Amico

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    Alex Kapranos at Urbanscapes, Serdang, Malaysia 24.11.13 by The Spacemen

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    Franz Ferdinand at Zepp Osaka, Japan 22.11.13 by Hiroshi Maeda

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    by @show_the_man “Franz Ferdinand@zepp tokyo 11/19/13 #FranzFerdinand#music#Rock#show#gig#concert#live#club” via @InstaReposts

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    Franz Ferdinand at Japanese TV Show 20/11/2013
    Live part

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