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    Franz Ferdinand  @ The Tivoli, Brisbane 17/11/13, by Andrew Wade

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    Alex Kapranos at the Metro Theatre, Sydney, Australia 15.11.13 by Yael Stempler

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    Franz Ferdinand at the Metro Theatre, Sydney. (Part 2)

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    Alex Kapranos at The Forum Theatre, Melbourne, Australia 14.11.13


  8. Help Franzy Fans!


    Is there any native English speaker willing to transcribe Defribillator, the exclusive spoken piece by Alex Kapranos?

    I know it´s a long piece but I´d like to compare my English transcription with some other to be 100% sure of what I´ve heard is accurate. (As a native Spanish speaker, I find Alex accent somewhat difficult to understand, specially when he imitates other people´s voices.)

    Please, do it for ALL the Latin American Franz Ferdinand fans. They´re waiting for me to translate the spoken piece to Spanish so we can all know what´s the story about. :))

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    For Lorena